Strong Pink Social Media Icons – round


100 round social media icons

  • 100 single EPS vector files
  • 100 single PNG files in 7 size (from 35px to 256px)
  • 100 single SVG icons


Strong Pink Social Media Icons – round

Strong Pink Social media icons is a complete icon set for professional use, containing icons from all the most popular social websites. The icon download comes in well-organized folders, making it very easy to use them in your graphic projects and for printing. The set is composed of a collection of icons in PNG format in 7 sizes, from 35px to 256px, ready and easy to publish, a collection of SVG icons, excellent for web design, App Design, UI and UX design, and finally from an EPS file with all the icons.


1 EPS vector files with all the icons.
100 single PNG files, ready to use with transparent background, 7 Sizes: from 35px to 256px
100 SVG single icons
Please note: EPS and  files are fully customizable, to open and customize vector round social media icons you need professional desktop publishing software like Illustrator or Coreldraw.

Strong Pink, a set of striking and distinctive round social media icons

HEX #d13477
RGB 209 52 119
CMYK 14% 89% 19% 0%

Strong pink is a vibrant and highly dynamic warm color that interacts strongly in color combinations. In four-color it has a strong Magenta dominant, toned down towards red by a little yellow and slowed down by a small contribution of cyan. RGB has a dominant red vibration, contrasted by a secondary blue vibration, mixing the low frequencies with the high frequencies of the light wave. Dynamic yet strong and balanced.

The strong pink color associated with food it could evoke strong and intense flavors and aromas, such as those of tropical fruits or berries,
associated with sport it could evoke all the disciplines in which strength and dynamism are associated, such as running, athletics, up to extreme sports.

Use the strong pink social media icons in your visual design creations, for your branding, UI and UX projects, associating it with other graphic elements to define dynamic, fresh, distinctive and surprising color palettes.

The strong pink stands out and balances itself on white surrounded by elements with soft, bright and slightly saturated colours, such as light greys, soft blues, and the whole range of cold colors from green to blue if soft and bright. The dynamic intensifies when the elements surrounding it become saturated, whether they are bright like yellow, intense like blue and green. With certain tones, very bright and bright yellow, green or blue, the dynamics can even become visually aggressive. Maintains strength when elements become dark and dim, such as deep gray ranges and black.
In visual design this dynamic capacity can be exploited in many areas, providing a vast choice of pairings and palettes.
The sensations and emotions that strong pink evokes are multiple, and vary according to the surrounding elements. Among the qualities that can be evoked by the chromatic dynamics of this color are warmth, spring and summer, passion and love, sport, fun, play, competition, strength and much more.

Last update:
February 8
, 2024