Square Social Media Icons with rounded corners


95 rounded square social media icons

  • 95 EPS vector single files
  • 95 single PNG files, ready to use 6 Sizes (32, 48, 64, 96, 128, 196, 256 PX)
  • 95 SVG single icons

— OR —


Square social media icons with rounded corners

Modern and elegant complete Professional Premium Black Square Social Media Icon Set  with rounded corners, perfect for sharing content from your web pages. The vector version of these icons is perfect for printing and can be used in any format and any design. In the package you will find all the most popular icons of the big social media sites and many very useful icons, such as those of mail, telephone and many others.

A professional and complete set for Graphic and Web design, suitable for printing, web-design and any other use. Single Png are ready to use in 4 sizes, Vector Eps will be good for any customization and printing purpose.

95 EPS vector single files
95 single PNG files, ready to use with transparent background, 6 Sizes: 32 px, 48px, 64px, 96px, 128px, 196px, 256px  (630 files total)
95 SVG single icons
Please note: EPS Vector files are fully customizable, to open and customize vector round social media icons you need professional desktop publishing software like Illustrator or Coreldraw.

Last update on November 15, 2023
File License: Royalty Free

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