Scarlet Red Rounded Square Social Media Icon Set


100 round scarlet red social media icons

  • 100 single PNG files in 7 size (from 35px to 256px)
  • 100 single SVG icons
  • 100 EPS icons


Scarlet Red Rounded Social Media Icon Set

Elevate your digital presence with our Scarlet Red Rounded Square Social Media Icon Set. This exquisite collection features square icons with rounded corners, ensuring a modern and approachable look. Each icon is meticulously designed to make the logos of the world’s most popular social media websites and apps instantly recognizable, even at the smallest size.

Our icons come in a vibrant scarlet red color, a hue that commands attention and exudes confidence. The color’s specifications are as follows:

  • HEX: #FF2400
  • RGB: 255, 36, 0
  • CMYK: 0%, 91%, 94%, 0%

The flat design style of these icons, with their full, solid color, makes them perfect for various applications, including web design, graphic design, print, and UI design.
The package includes:

  • PNG files in 7 sizes, ranging from 32px to 256px
  • EPS vector icons
  • SVG icons

Our collection is not only comprehensive but also meticulously maintained and updated to include the latest versions of all the renowned social platforms.

The scarlet red color of these icons isn’t just visually striking; it’s also creatively versatile. It stands out against both light and dark backgrounds, making it an ideal choice for diverse design projects. Historically, scarlet red has been associated with passion, power, and urgency, making it a compelling choice for brands looking to make a bold statement.

By purchasing this set, you will receive an instant download of the digital product, allowing you to integrate these icons seamlessly into your projects.

Incorporate our Scarlet Red Rounded Social Media Icon Set into your designs and watch as they transform into vibrant, eye-catching masterpiece.

Last update:
March 26, 2024

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