Bermuda Green Social Media Icons – round


100 round social media icons

  • 100 single PNG files in 7 size (from 35px to 256px)
  • 100 single SVG icons
  • 100 EPS icons


Bermuda Green Social Media icons – round

The Bermuda green iconset is a complete and professional collection of round icons. It is made up of 104 icons from the most popular social media sites and apps. The package contains icons in different formats, ready and easy to use: PNG in 7 sizes, from 35 px to 256 px, ready for publication, SVG a perfect vector format for websites and the UI design of apps and any type of interface. The svg format, being a vector one, can also be used with all vector graphics editors, and therefore saved in formats compatible with digital and typographic printing. Finally, the set also includes an EPS file containing all the vector icons.


100 single PNG files, ready to use with transparent background, 7 Sizes: from 35px to 256px
100 SVG single icons
1 EPS vector files with all the icons.

Please note: EPS and SVG  files are fully customizable, to open and customize vector round social media icons you need professional desktop publishing software like Illustrator or Coreldraw.

Bermuda Green, a set of fresh round social media icons for creative and dreamlike designs.

HEX #60C8B3
RGB 96 200 179
CMYK 6% 0% 37% 0%

Bermuda green is a surprising color that evokes tropical flavors and aromas, the green crystalline waters of the reef, of remote Pacific atolls or Caribbean islands. A saturated and luminous green, spiritual and elegant, fresh and brilliant, pure, uncontaminated, in a word: irresistible.You can find it in the palettes of many paint manufacturers with few differences.
Bermuda green becomes dynamic when combined with warm colors, from yellow to orange, up to red and magenta, even in the most intense, saturated or dark shades.
It combines very well with intense blue, it plays well with neutral colours, in shades of gray or black, being able to support both a white background and a black or very dark gray background.

The Bermuda Green Social Media Icons will be perfect for your design, giving your creations a touch of magic, freshness and originality.

Last update:
February 02, 2024