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We want to explain briefly what you will download when you purchase a set of icons on ... our website.
We have tried as much as possible to meet the demands of our users, providing good quality files for professional use.

Basically we offer 4 types of files for our Social Media Icons: EPS, PSD, SVG and PNG.

PNG are the single files of each Social Media icon, isolated with a transparent background, ready to use. We generally propose three or four sizes, so you can use them directly without the need to resize or adjusting the size just very little, in order to adapt to your layout.

EPS are the Vector sources. Vector, as most already know, means that the files can be fully customized, and resized as you want without any loss of quality. 

Generally in the past, we have included in the package an Eps file with all the icons ordered on a grid, so it's easier to resize them all together, many collections are still this way. However, in the most recent collections we preferred to split the vector icons into single files, so that we provide the single icons ready for import into graphics or print files. We understand that this is what our users want in the many requests for individual eps vector files made by our customers.. 
To open and edit vectors you need a professional editor, such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

PSD files are natives of photoshop. In many packge we have created a file photoshop where we put all the social media icons, but each in a separate layer as a Smart Object of Phothoshop. This means that with a single double-click on the layer icon will open in illustrator where you can make changes to the vector file. 
This is quite convenient for those who are used to perform the cutting of the images on photoshop. 
Please note: we do not include individual icons PSD files, because we believe that the quality of vector, however, is greater. 
Not all Iconset that we sell are supplied with the PSD file: please read description of each iconset.

For any further information feel free to contact us. We reply within 24 hours on average. 

The Social Media Icons Staff.

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